Writers in Response

Writers in Response- April, 2021

A 4-day writing residency gathering multi-disciplenary writers based in Beirut in an attempt to produce personal narratives in times of calamity. Over the span of 4 days, writers took part in creative and performance workshops as means to develop published works rooted in Beirut’s contextual reality. In doing so, the residency pieced together personal anecdotes to develop a collective narrative documenting life in times of state collapse. 

*Made possible through the Mophradat Self-Organization Grant and in partnership with The Poetry Pot, Rusted Radishes, and Barzakh

6 Writers in Response

From a pool of 60+ candidates, 6 multi-disciplenary writers were selected to include poets, essayists, researchers, and visual artists. The collective writing process culminated in 6 digitally published works traversing the genres of Poetry, Essay, Creative Non-fiction, Short Film, and Audio Essay. 

Read their work here.